Promptside Favourites



Hello There

Tanya Dickson Green Room

Melbourne Festival Nikki Shiels 2

Neel Morley, very pink in the pool.

Leila Rogers, who is performing in Laika and Wills.

Kevin Rudd0

Detail of outfit by Vlad Kanevsky

‘Ulrike Meinhof Sings’ by Christopher Barnett. Set and Costume by Eugyeene Teh. Photo Eugyeene Teh.

Pier Carthew enjoying a deer and beer deal at a local BrisVegas pub.

Kate Durham_

Easement Street Derby 03_

Amanda McGregor

zoe boesen backstage

Brisbane Festival Bek Berger

The Angelic Zoe Boesen

Gen Salome


Dance Time at the Festival Hub

Alicia Fernandez


Artemis, Hayley and Shelli

John Shearman and Nick Colla

Girl (with the vigor of Liza,) cooling down with an exquisite spray of mist

The Serpent comes out at night

‘Exil’ directed by Adena Jacobs. Set and Costumes by Eugyeene Teh.

‘Salome’ directed by Stephen Nicolazzo. Set by Eugyeene Teh, Costume design by Eugyeene Teh and Tessa Leigh Woffenbuttel Pitt.


‘Private Dances’, curated by Natalie Cursio. Set by Eugyeene Teh. Photo by Eugyeene Teh













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