My friend Craig observed recently that theatrefolk noticably dress more interestingly.  I suppose it’s due to the fact that these guys are, every now and then, infused in different worlds.  Sometimes the boundaries blur between the costumed worlds and the fashions prescribed by society. And within that small pink section of the Venn diagram there is that panache.

The foyer is to the theatre as the promptside is to the stage, as the theatre is to the world.

I thought I’d try to observe these a little more by sneaking around in these places. I will, occasionally, have aside thoughts too.

After a month of photo documentation and observations, I realize that it’s not always the clothes that shine through. It’s the theatre in people.  Like my mother once said, however vain and gramatically inaccurate as it may sound; ‘It’s not what you wear, it’s who wears it.’

I hope you enjoy trawling through these posts as much as I have enjoyed creating them.  I’m still trying to find my feet with this blog, so any feedback or comment will be appreciated and potentially acted upon. Potentially.

Eugyeene Teh x

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