I recently read a relatively vintage article by Richard Murphet about earning a living as an artist.  Independent theatre continues to be an important sector of theatre, experimenting with and creating new forms to constantly challenge and present ever evolving work, as evidenced by the recent NEON shows at MTC. The poetic tableaux of On the Bodily Education of Young Girls is still infiltrating my dreams.  Audiences expect nothing less than perfection and genius from these productions, fed only by excitement and dedication, and the occasional ‘pizza money,’ (or, for my friend Bek Berger, ‘shoe money.’)

So, where does the money come from?  Here is a little homage to creatives working hard for the money.



Meg Searls works with the Fitzroy Hunter Gatherer, a non-profit organisation turning unwanted clothes into glorified creations simply by giving them the shiny new name of Vintage. Today, she sports a toy-store outfit with a puffed-sleeved black blouse accented with a scaled down (children’s) tartan tie.


Meg Searls at Hunter Gatherer
Meg Searls at Hunter Gatherer



Sam Willersdorf, upon a pile of fur things, boldly clashing this season’s hottest print- camo- with tartan and Aztec decorated shoes. There’s something about being surrounded by furs, bags and shoes on a daily basis that makes it all worthwhile, don’t you think?



Sam Willersdorf at Shag
Sam Willersdorf at Shag



Paul and Lani at the local friendly Neil’s Art Store, clad in neutral black upon a sea of bold colors, delicious tools primed for the creation of wonderful things.



Lani and Paul at Neil's Art Store
Lani and Paul at Neil’s Art Store



At first glance, it may seem as if director Samara Hersch is now working at the North Fitzroy IGA made famous by recent sanguine play Triangle. Though the prospect of working at this bountiful supermarket seems good, it’s only make-believe. Samara is directing playwright Louris Van de Geer in her short film SUPER.



Louris and Samara
Louris and Samara at THAT supermarket.



Mister James Deeth is the barman at Blondie, the new go-to pre and post MTC-show bar.  In elegant grey.



James Deeth at Blondie
James Deeth at Blondie



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