Another Designer turns 30.

If the 2- prefix defines a creative as a shiny, youthful, hot new thing, the 3- prefix by no means nullifies these exciting adjectives.  In fact, the brings with it a bonus of experience, maturity and respect.


At lighting designer Katie Sfetkidis’ 30th birthday party, some of Melbourne independent theatre’s finest theatre kids were in attendance. There was creative discussion, intelligent conversation, three cakes, and, of course, karaoke.


Katie Sfetkidis enters 30.
Katie Sfetkidis enters 30.


Amy Turton
Amy Turton, ex house mate, now in Berlin, celebrates her going-away at this party


Allison Whiltshire
Allison Whiltshire, jovial, and content.


Stephen Nicolazzo
Can I touch you, talented director Stephen Nicolazzo?


Alison 'buddies up' with Stephen
Alison ‘buddies up’ with Stephen





Declan Greene
Declan Greene expresses how finger-pointing gets one nowhere.


Zoey Dawson
Every good party has an element of sado-masochism. Zoey Dawson improvises with clothes pegs.

Owen Phillips
Owen Phillips


Gawking at Karaokers
Rafaella McDonald gawking at Karaokers


Katie shows 'em how it's done.
Katie shows ’em how it’s done.


Owen attempts to hide from the camera
Owen indulges in a guilty pleasure and attempts to go undetected


...and that's a wrap!
…and that’s a wrap!












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