Loretta Maine at MICF

Comedy’s trashy princess of darkness, Loretta Maine (aka comedian Pippa Evans) has arrived in Melbourne to stir up some trouble at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with her show Bipolar, nominated for the if. comedy Best Newcomer Award. Time Out describes this troubled, inebriated American rock chick as ‘the white wine witch’ and The Evening Standard calls her ‘murderously funny.’ I approached her with some questions, gingerly, hoping that funny negates angry, yet fearful that she might let loose and scold me or hit me with her guitar. 


Loretta Maine
Loretta Maine


What is it about your dark angst-ridden character that is so appealing to the audience?

ThEy SeE A LitTle Of TheMSelVes BuT NOt toO mUCH. So TheY ThinK “weLL aTleasT I’M noT a TotaL FreaK”. ThanKS by thE wAy.


Is there a secret pleasure that people derive when communicating through anger?

YeS. It MakeS YoU FeEl BettER. ANd It doeSn’T Make You Fat. BetTer To ScreaM tHaN eaT IcE CreaM. PersOnalLy I screaM wHIlE i eaT iCeCReaM. ApParenTly IT buRnS MoRe caLorieS.


Do you think this generation thrives on suppressed rage?

TheY Don’T SupReSS IT. WhO is SupreSSinG It? EvEryTImE I havE to HEaR soMEonE On theIR CeLL PhoNE riDinG The MEtrO, screaMinG inTo thE ReceiveR, I think “ThiS Is a HEalThy CouNTrY”.


I bet you’re going to get a lot of material here in Melbourne. Are Australians just as annoying as Americans?

We arE alL annOyinG iN OUR Own lItTLe waY. AustraLIaNs HavE a LoVElY waY oF HavIng opInIoNS. I don’T caRE, Mr 7/11 – I ONly listeN tO Me anD So ShouLD YoU righT??


For Promptside: What inspires your fashion style? How do you get dressed in the morning?

I waKE Up anD graB whaT’s On the FLOoR and RuN to WhaTever I aM Late FoR. MainlY I weaR  bLacK anD hoLEs.


Is Bipolar going to be a fun show?

It”s FuN likE a SliDe thaT is higHEr up ThaN YoU FirsT ThougHT.


Thank you so much for your time with Promptside and chookahs for Bipolar!


Bipolar promises to be a scream! See Loretta in the Powder Room at the Melbourne Town Hall until the 21st April.

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