Photo Shoot – Palace of the End

Plenty of marvelous things occur at a shoot before the final image is chosen.

Wielding costumes and equipment, we dodged rapid and dangerous traffic to arrive at the supposedly haunted St. Kilda vaults in the midst of a torrential downpour. Check out this image here.


While inside, this image occurred, quite inadvertently.

It reminds me of the playful subject matter of an Aubrey Beardsley illustration.  Perhaps it is the majestic queen perched upon her throne, supported by her loyal subjects, superimposed by a sharp silhouette of her gracefully bowing Counsel. Actually, the boys are merely securing Sarah’s un-OH&S milk crates and Daniel is holding a light source while stepping on a prop leash to keep it extended for the photo.

sarah walker shoot st kilda vaults
Wonderful forms that occur during a shoot


sarah walker st kilda vaults shoot
Sarah Walker goes low


Hannah takes a breather while Sarah finds the right frame.

st kilda vaults shoot sarah walker hannah norris
Hannah Norris and Sarah Walker



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