Idiots of Ants at MICF

Having been thoroughly impressed by their show last year, I was curious to pick the brains of these comedy superstars, Idiots of Ants, who are back at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year with their new show, Model citizens


I came to see your rollicking show last year. It seemed like you had lots of fun performing it- Is the creation process just as much fun?

Idiots of Ants
Idiots of Ants

The creation process is nightmareish! How do we top our last script? Can we write another hour of funny? Blaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!

We write and we argue and we squabble and we strangle. But we make sure we come out of the whole sordid process with a belting show – No excuses!


How do the four of you work together- Are there roles within your team, and how do you prevent the ‘too many cooks’ scenario?

We have worked together for so long that we know each others strengths. We all take jobs… some write jokes, some make posters, some take care of the admin… it is a tightly oiled comedy machine.

We all make delicious comedy casseroles in our delicious comedy asseroles.


The Sketch genre is synonymous with unrefined charm. How much professionalism comes with the business of comedy?

We can’t possibly call ourselves professional. We are lucky enough to be silly little prats for a living… Not much of a living… but a living.


You have done a melange of sketches that range from dad jokes to WWII to Facebook. Where do these ideas come from?

Who knows? We wish there was a formula to our writing… there is not. Coming up with sketches is not easy. We are constantly throwing up ideas… mostly bad ones. From every hundred ideas we get one the might work… for every hundred ideas that might work … one does.


You reference a lot of technology; Computer games, Ipad Mini, Facebook… Do you love or loathe technology?

We love technology…but some people (especially poncey ‘apple fans’) take it all way to seriously. Comedy has to be relevant to be funny and we are in the middle of a huge technological revolution…what could be more relevant than that. #sorryapplefanboys #dicks


And lastly, for Promptside , what’s with the white shirts and black ties? Are there any plans for new costumes/uniforms?

Actually in this show, our fifth full live hour, we have changed our uniform… is it floral shirts? Is it cricket whites? Are we in the full nude? Find out at Idiots Of Ants – Model Citizens!


Chookahs for you show dudes!

Catch Model Citizens at the Melbourne Town Hall until 22nd April.


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