Putting the Leopard to bed

After having put the leopard to bed, the Psycho Beachers change back into their normal clothes, as if leopard print has become last season’s stale fad. (In fact, it hasn’t- you will be seeing a lot more of this stuff walking its walk on the streets.) For now.


Guns and black nail polish can only mean one thing: Trouble. Amanda McGregor rocks that famous figure that makes playing a mother character dangerously sexy.

Amanda McGregor and that famous figure.
Amanda McGregor


Genevieve Giuffre in a mustard yellow cable knit sweater lovingly knitted for her by her auntie, edginess shining brilliantly through.

Kevin Kiernan-Molloy and Genevieve Giuffre
Kevin Kiernan-Molloy and Genevieve Giuffre


Mix in a bit of Aztec, studded Denim and Gingham, and what do you get?

Lighting designer Katie Sfetkidis holds a serious conversation with two important queer theatre makers.

Declan Greene and Katie Sfetkidis
Declan Greene and Katie Sfetkidis with Daniel Clarke


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