That Silly Season!

Now that the last few shows of the year are wrapping up, the theatre folk are putting some time aside to rest, do their taxes (I, for one, did anyway,) and partayyy!

Last Saturday night, Emma, Jake, Dan and Luke recreated ‘Alpine Christmas realness’ in their home in Brunswick for warm, spicy Christmas frivolity times.  Just so that we don’t already forget how to be creative, we were required to asked to build gingerbread houses in a team competition complete with road blocks and crumping. Of course, there’s crumping.

Derelict Gingerbread House
Derelict Gingerbread House

This, our team’s destroyed Gingerbread House, which may have been inspired by the state of the world, Gehry, ugliness, drunken stupor and a penchant for destruction, won.

Here is my teammate Amaya, fresh VCA graduate as a costume designer, and one to watch, inspecting the other team’s delicious creation (and not sabotaging, I’m pretty sure.)

Amaya Vecellio
Amaya Vecellio

Christmas dressing: Which essentially means anything within a limited palette of those couple of colours that ordinarily despise each other and cause visual anguish if seen together. Unless it’s December.

Under the Mistletoe
Vintage Christmas cuteness

Or, to be chromatically agreeable, and cool, mimic snow, or some sort of snow fairy.

The White Fairy
The Snow Fairy


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