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My involvement in theatre this year has drawn me away from the foyer and kept me buzzing behind the scenes. In retrospect, 2012 has been a heady melange of shows that has kept me excited to wake up every morning. And happy.  I’ve played with and collaborated with a bunch of brilliant people and am grateful for having done that.  Being busy does have its drawbacks, and I’m afraid I’ve neglected some very important and close friends. For this, I apologize, and am attempting to refocus my time and energy towards them.


When Paul Jackson asked Christina Hayes if she knew where Promptside is, with regard to the stage, she responded “It’s a fashion blog!” At this point, I feel it’s become more about the people and the crazy irreverent fun that we’ve been having.  So, instead of doing a Top 10 best dressed, I thought I’d just rewind the clock and have a look behind the scenes of some highlights at Promptside (The blog.)




I was involved in MKA’s DIY photo shoot for its Winter Season, led by the illustrious Sarah Walker, whose work I love and respect and simply cannot get enough of!

Sarah Walker shooting for the MKA Winter Season, with James Deeth and Glyn Roberts.


Genevieve Giuffre at the photo shoot of Sex.Violence.Blood.Gore.

Tobias Manderson-Galvin with Elizabeth Nabben at the shoot of Triangle.


Early this year, I worked on Tinkertown with Tobias Manderson-Galvin, MKA‘s Artistic Director, crazy genius and professional charmer, who, together with partner-in-crime Glyn Roberts, has been churning out noteworthy theatre in the past couple of years.

Tobias Manderson-Galvin taking a seat at home after opening night


It was a tag-team effort between Tinkertown and Hose, as MKA presented their double bill to kick start Daniel Clarke’s remarkable programming for Theatre Works 2012. Hose director Alister Smith delivered a pitch perfect show to start the ball rolling. Also of some interest was our curious involvement in Brynne Edelsten’s reality show, My Bedazzled Life. Check out the special cameo’s spot in the photo below.

Veronica Thomas, getting ready in the dressing room


Tuesday, an understated yet powerful show, resulted from the combination of Louris Van Der Greer’s acutely observant writing and Brienna MacNish’s wonderfully controlled direction.

Louris Van Der Greer and Brienna MacNish prepare for Tuesday


A good relationship amongst designers is quintessential to producing a good show, and Rob’s brilliant lighting designs, collaborating with me on no less than five shows, illuminated the good bits and cleverly masked the bits we didn’t want you to see.

A luminous lighting designer Rob Sowinski


I was fortunate enough to have met, through Promptside, and then to have proceeded to collaborate with Tessa on a few shows this year. Together, we have earned the nickname of Trish and Janine as the costume duo/mid-afternoon TV crocheting craft hosts.

Tessa Leigh Wolffenbuttel Pitt, pulling out all the stops for the sake of art.


The design for sex.violence.blood.gore had come a long way from its inception.

Preliminary Costume Sketches for sex.violence.blood.gore.


I worked closely with Glyn Roberts, MKA’s Executive Producer extraordinaire, who was always present, supportive, hardworking, and a gorgeous man.

Glyn Roberts tending the bar at MKA’s Winter hangout in North Melbourne.


sex.violence.blood.gore. happily enjoyed a couple of successful seasons this year.

The cast of sex.violence.blood.gore. in a state of undress after the final Melbourne performance.


How wonderful it is to have Queer theatre in Melbourne appreciated and celebrated.

Rainbow colored ‘Gay’ cake to celebrate all things Queer.


Glyn Roberts’ play, Triangle, was directed with razor precision by Tanya Dickson. This show gave us more gore than sex.violence.blood.gore and brought lesbian vampires very close to home.

Glyn Roberts and Elizabeth Nabben at a photo shoot for Triangle


Me, with Tanya Dickson at the opening of Triangle.


The sex.violence.blood.gore team rebuilds the show for a week’s season in Sydney.

sex.violence.blood.gore. goes up again in Sydney.


Excitement over the upcoming The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe’ for the Melbourne Fringe Festival, a directorial debut for Declan Greene….

Sarah Walker shooting Nikki Shiels who plays Zoey Dawson in The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe.’


… which ended up having a couple of extended seasons to accommodate an eager audience. Incidentally, I was terribly excited to work with Nikki Shiels, whose work I have admired and adored for a very long time.

Nikki Shiels on the set of The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe.’


Stage Manager cleaning up around Nikki Shiels on the set of The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe.’


A very reverberative red design for Samara Hersch’s House.

Julia Grace on set at House.


I met the remarkably talented Simon Matthews mid this year, and he has since been an absolute gem with all the help he has generously provided on the many shows that I’ve worked on.

Simon Matthews bumping in at Fringe Furniture.


Bryce Ives’ Return to the Forbidden Planet was shocking and unique.  What a blast!

Sarah Walker leads the photo shoot for Return to the Forbidden Planet.


Bryce Ives at rehearsal for Return to the Forbidden Planet


Pale Blue Dot taught me about beauty and poetry.

Luisa Hastings Edge at bump in for Pale Blue Dot


Ash Flanders leads a hands-down fun-times show that is Psycho Beach Party.

Ash Flanders at Psycho Beach Party rehearsal.


Stephen Nicolazzo, who has the vision and genius that reminds me of John Waters, has been a dream collaborator.

Stephen Nicolazzo takes a breather before the preview of Psycho Beach Party.


A gorgeous cast, with whom I shared a communal house in Sydney during the season.

Cast group photo at Psycho Beach Party


Rose Chong, legendary Melbourne costumier, meets Psycho Beach Party when we were asked to create an installation for their window earlier this month.

Katie Sfetkidis looks out from within the Rose Chong window.


I had the great pleasure of working with the wonderfully luminous Samara Hersch, who is a brilliant creator and director.

Samara Hersch at rehearsal for NOA.


I feel like this year has overwhelmed me, quite unexpectedly, with fun, beauty, camaraderie, and I am sincerely thankful to all of you who have helped me through it.

Here’s hoping that 2012 has been kind to you all. See you back at the theatre in 2013!


Betsy from NOA.




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