Farewell to Miss TN

This week’s Wet Wednesday at the Malthouse Theatre was an especially wet one as tears were shed for the farewell of Miss TN (Alison Croggon’s unofficial identity on her blog, the inimitable beacon that is Theatre Notes.) For years, many have consulted this blog for reviews and insight into Melbourne theatre: Some may even have been checking to see if their efforts in creating their show have been well worth it.

Alison Croggon

We will miss Theatre Notes dearly, and although Alison will still be around to be entertained by our efforts, we will miss her (written) thoughts, support and appreciation.

Meanwhile, this Wet Wednesday proves that Melbourne theatre is still going strong and will continue to thrive.  Sisters Rebecca and Esther Hayes, as usual, will continue to stun us with their glorious outfits, now colorful and bold to welcome in the Summer.

Rebecca and Esther Hayes

Malthouse Associate Artist Van Badham looks pretty cute here as she channels Minnie-Mouse with that red-and-white-polka-dot bow in her hair.

Van Badham

Chloe Greaves, astute and ready to leave for New York, where she will be designing a show at the Juilliard School.

Chloe Greaves

Owen Phillips, enjoying a beverage after the success of the Sydney season of Psycho Beach Party! It seems like after laying out a whole sea of leopard print, black on black on black is indeed the new black.

Owen Phillips
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