Melbourne Festival Closing Night Party

Melbourne Festival 2012 has now wrapped up and we’re all suffering from a post-festival drag. These are some of the contributing factors for the hangover;

Dance Time at the Festival Hub

Chris Cheers makes the most of seasonal hawaiian shirts.

Chris Cheers

Local artists, the Preval brothers, Felix and Jake.

Felix and Jake Preval

Benjamin Hancock, dancer, choreographer and costume designer, showing off his fashionable leopard/sequin combo mid-dance.

Benjamin Hancock

George Ikediashi (AKA Le Gateau Chocolat, drag queen extraordinaire) and I took a breather outside and exchanged notes on harem pants and patent leather pumps.

George Ikediashi

I love this 50’s over the shoulder peekaboo pose from this mysterious starlet of a lady observing the action below from the mezzanine level.


Drinking beer never looked this stylish.

Foxy lady commanding a beer

Standing out from the crowd in seasonal Yellow!

Yellow in the crowd

As a man playfully gives me the bird from below, An Enemy of the People performer Ingo Hülsmann inadvertently forms a love heart with his hands.

Love/Hate Relationship
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  1. Yun Perez says:

    Great pics Eugy. Loved the athmosphere!

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