Easement Street Derby Day

This Melbourne Cup day, I attended its fun alternative Derby cousin at Easement Street in Northcote, where horses are replaced by billy carts, ‘champagne’ is replaced by boutique beer and the fashions are intentionally ironic.

A very effulgent ‘fashions on the field’ finalist

The hats here, though practical, are still worn with pizzazz.

A practical hat for this gentleman

Derby day meets beach chic. A big floppy hat, fur coat and a green lycra onesie.

‘Fashions on the field’ finalist

On this track, all that glitters is gold!

Cheap and chic

This racer keeps on trend with neon.

Speed racer in this season’s fastest colors

This contestant of the men’s ‘Fashions on the Field’ event shows us that personality and charm are just as important as the clothes. Remember, sometimes it’s not what you wear…

Fashion and charm on the field
Tight races in tight spaces
Zoom zoom
Everyone is a winner.

In the absence of horses, sometimes you have to pull your own cart.

Getting over the finish line one way or the other.
Cheering is serious business

Billy carting and skipping are no child’s play!

Skippers at the races


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