Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012

Thousands of artists, over 300 shows and a mere 18 days later, the Melbourne Fringe Festival packs up for yet another year (to make way for its bigger and more serious cousin, the Melbourne Festival.)

Nightly festivities at the Fringe Club

I wasn’t able to catch all the creative explosion during this period, though working on five Fringe shows does warrant some sort of involvement and maybe, along with my Artist Pass, a special Get Out of Fringe Free card.

The wonderful thing about this festival is that, besides providing an accessible arena for budding artists, it gives Melburnians an experience package that is probably unique to each person due to its multiple-configurable Choose Your Own Adventure nature. My adventure was something like this:

The Fringe Club was regularly abuzz with performances, colour and dance. Here, during the Shut Up and Dance night, an enthusiastic and unsuspecting dancer is chosen to dance on stage.

Every night is Dance night at the Fringe Club

There’s so much happening in over a hundred venues across Melbourne that sometimes you find artists lingering around in the in-between spaces.  In this particular back alley alone, I bumped into Fringe Discovery Award winner Zoey Dawson, witnessed a ‘backstage’ warmup rendition of Baby One More Time by the performers of Choir Girl, and Mister Tom Dent, chilling out after his show.

Mister Tom Dent the dude.

During one of my bump-in days, some peacocks came to visit.  This particular Oscar-Wilde-esque one even posed for me.

Peacock at Abbotsford Convent

Working late into the night bumping in for Fringe Furniture at the Abbotsford Convent, other strange things come out to play. (Note the dragon sneaking around in the background.)

Melbourne Fringe Associate Producer Mary Harvey.
Simon Matthews with Dragon.

And then there were the usual MKAites gathered around to see The Unspoken Word is ‘Joe’ at La Mama.

‘Joe’ buzz at La Mama


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