Melbourne Festival 2012 – Opening Party

Melbourne Festival kicks off with a bang at the opening night party, after the presentation of Michel van der Aa’s opera After Life. As artists and patrons descend into the catacumbal ballroom of the Regent Theatre, much talk was being had about mortality and capitalism.

I came across artist Kate Durham who, apart from being recognizable for her fabulous eccentric style, is accredited for establishing Spare Rooms for Refugees in 2001.

Kate Durham

Spunkilicious Lilikoi Kaos, circus/sideshow/burlesque performer, adding that touch of sparkle to the old.

Lilikoi Kaos

Local darling cabaret performer Simoncee Page Jones prowls the joint in camouflage leopard print. She also ensures that egress from this party is not an option.

Simoncee Page Jones

Simon spruces up vintage YSL with the festival’s prophetic purple.

Simon Matthews

Come hither to my lair. Cabaret artist known simply as Mikelangelo.


Josh Johnson was captivating on the ballroom floor.  He and his fellow dancers were equally as captivating on stage for William Forsythe’s I Don’t Believe in Outer Space, a decidedly must-see festival show.

Josh Johnson and friend
Josh et al.

Leah Robertson, official Melbourne Festival photographer, here, sans camera.

Leah Robertson
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