Melbourne Festival 2012 – Destroyed Word

The burning of the last letter of Santiago Sierra’s Destroyed Word marks the beginning of this year’s Melbourne Festival.  The letter ‘K’ was set alight and quickly revealed its magnanimous splendor as Festival enthusiasts huddled around the cold windy forecourt of ACCA, weary yet secretly craving for the celebration of ambers to singe something or someone. The final reveal of the ‘K’ completes the mystery word, ‘Kapitalism,’ and thus kicks off the theme which is to form the base of discourses in the next 17 days. It’s going to be quite a storm.

Hang on to something.

Santiago Sierra’s Destroyed Word – The letter “K”

By the way, the letter ‘S’ was devoured by some pigs.  I thought this was kinda cool.

‘S.’ Photo by Veldinho
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