MTC Launch – New Light

For some reason, this blog has been poorly attended to recently, by yours truly.  Many apologies. I’ve been a tad busy.

Much has occurred in the past month.  Notable shows came and went, pictures were taken, gossips were spread and Sarah Walker appeared in my periphery often like an omnipotent theatre force.

One very exciting launch that occurred recently was for MTC’s new season, encapsulated under the heading of New Light, inferring innovation, carefully curated by its wonderful new Artistic Director Brett Sheehy. This man seems to appreciate and understand good theatre and is steering the company into a bold new direction.

I’m thoroughly excited that MTC is using the ‘Mainstage X Independent Companies’ formula recently introduced by the likes of Malthouse’s Helium season and STC’s 2013 collaborations with Back to Back Theatre, Malthouse, State Theatre Company of South Australia, Barking Gecko, Sisters Grimm and Windmill Theatre.

Neon is MTC’s season of independent theatre, and includes five companies that have been brewing delicious ideas and projects in the recent years.  The Rabble, Sisters Grimm, Fraught Outfit, The Hayloft Project and Daniel Schlusser Ensemble.  

Backstage at the new Hamer Hall, waiting for their call to stand on stage and be introduced to the subscribers, was a glorious cluster of theatre makers and enthusiasts.

Esther Hayes. Telephone.  Somehow this seems to embody the theme of New Light. Esther will be designing costumes for ‘Other Desert Cities.’
Claude Marcos, designing for The Hayloft Project
Luisa Hastings Edge and Adena Jacobs, of Fraught Outfit
Benedict Hardie, Josh Price and Carl Nilsson-Polias, engaged in some sort of important theatre discussion, along with others via iPhone.
Ash Flanders of Sisters Grimm. Watch out for their satirical take on MTC productions. (Hearsay only.)

Declan Greene. Sisters Grimm Part 2.
MTC men’s head cutter, John Malloy. In classic tweed.
MTC graphic designer Helena Turinski, effervescent with sparkle.
Gabrielle Raz-Liebman, representing bright young theatre-lovers as an MTC Ambassador.



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