Time Out (with iPhone)

I was sitting around watching these magnificent silhouettes of the sex.violence.blood.gore. cast and wished I had my camera with me.  So I reached into my pocket and pulled out my good ol-fashioned iPhone.

Catherine Davies, whose figure is simply magnificent, and whose legs go on for days, plays the role of Annabel Chong in S.V.B.G.  She is also a burlesque performer as Kiki Coriander and her male alter-ego Cary Slant.

Catherine Davies

Gen blonded her hair for the show and now looks like both Madonna and Lady Gaga. Crazy ah.

I especially loved capturing her silhouette here with her very elegant and expressive hands.

Genevieve Giuffre
Gen, with lighting designer Yasmin Santoso and Sound designer Claudio Tocco

Incidentally, the illustrious Sarah Walker took some great production photos of them:

Catherine Davies. Photo by Sarah Walker
Genevieve Giuffre in Sex.violence.blood.gore. Photo by Sarah Walker. Set and costumes designed by yours truly.



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