SVBG Lockout

Sex.violence.blood.gore. has been enjoying sellout shows almost every night.  Unfortunately for the creatives, this means that they can’t be accommodated. Most nights, we sit out in the foyer and wait.

Director Stephen Nicolazzo sometimes prefers the calm in the foyer. When nobody is looking, we conquer the bar.

Stephen Nicolazzo

Incidentally, the kids going to the Edinburgh Fringe for The Economist next month are selling cupcakes here, at the foyer, to raise money for their trip. It’s well worth supporting, and if you miss the cupcakes, you can throw some spare change their way on Pozible.

Tessa, costume maker for SVBG, doesn’t really have much to do with the cupcakes, but she looks good holding them. And you’d probably want to buy one, or two from her.

Tessa Leigh Wolffenbuttel Pitt

This is no Brack painting, but producer Glyn Roberts exudes an equally commanding air behind the bar, and behind the scenes at MKA.

Glyn Roberts

SVBG lighting designer Yasmin Santoso, finding her light. Gloriously.

Yasmin Santoso

Pete, one of the kids who actually is going to Edinburgh, reliving those schooltime memories of having a bake sale 4 art. This time around, the bake sale is set in an office. Which has been made into a theatre.

Peter Paltos


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