Roaring 20’s meets Futuristic Metropolis PARTY!

Two houses. Mirror images.  Two parties.  Josh and Jake.  Two themes. They meet.  1 degree Celsius.  Incidentally, there are a whole bunch of foodie kids here, and a whole bunch of theatre kids.

House Party!

Sparklicious Alex was wearing an aluminum foil helmet before, but has since found this fedora.  He says that he will leave it for its owner before he goes.

Meanwhile, Zoe Boesen and Bronwen Kemp discuss the qualities of a bottle of wine beyond.

Alex Duncan, from the future.

I love this image of Jimmy, who looks like a stunned beaver caught in his warren.

James Deeth.

There is this opium den situation happening at the basement of one of the houses. It is small, dark (candlelit) and warm. Having used my camera flash on these unsuspecting victims, I later discovered that it’s more guerilla style than opium den, as it’s just a little bit filthy grungy. It’s amazing what a bit of mood lighting can do.

Guerilla Style

Sometimes seats and tables are for feet.

Red Gumboots

Lazlo and Bronwen, having just finished their shift at The Crimean around the corner, arriving well after most people had left, to enjoy a drop of fine wine.

Lazlo Evemhuis and Bronwen Kemp

(Actually, I’m not even sure if many people adhered to the theme, or understood it.  Oh well, fun party nonetheless.)

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