Edinburgh Gardens, at Dusk

Glyn Roberts’ Triangle is set in Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy.  I’ve been wandering through the damp, brooding, very aptly atmospheric surrounds of the park and relishing its collection of wintry European trees that display their sinewy gory glory. Sometimes, I stumble upon some odd characters.

Elizabeth Nabben and Janine Watson
Some odd characters, styled by Chloe Greaves.
Triangle, at Edinburgh Gardens

Incidentallly, there is a plinth that has been bare for over a century that used to accommodate a statue of Queen Elizabeth for only three years before it mysteriously disappeared.  There is also this old house, with its Gothic sensibility, perched, unassuming, upon the edge of the park. Just wonderful.  And a bit creepy.

This old house

I started speaking to Madame Dada (Melwitz Folino,) that eccentric fashion lecturer who was just sitting on a bench having nuts or something out of a brown paper bag.  She told me that along this back strip sits some of the oldest houses in Melbourne. They’re now very expensive and owned by celebrities.

Melwitz Folino at Edinburgh Gardens

I was captivated by the image of her cycling through the park with her formidable abundance of hair, helmetless, not unlike some of the dames in a Klimt painting.

Melwitz, helmetless, on her bicycle

And then there was the Vampire dog.

Vampire Dog



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  1. Love this wonderful look at the park at Dusk Eugeene……..thank you for sending me the link…it’s great photography too…..hope all is going well for you…..a nice afternoon encounter that day….x

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