Tuesday Opening Night- Behind the Scenes

Zak, receiving some director’s notes just before the show.

Incidentally, the two-finger gesture dates back to the Hundred Years War in the time of Edward III, where the index and middle fingers of captured English archers were cut off to disable their command of the bow and arrow. The English would stick their two fingers up as an insult to the French so show that they were still good to fight.

In today’s context, it means Fuck off.

In this instance, Zak is asking Brie if his eye makeup looks ok.

Zak Zavod
La di da... Skipping through a field of milk crates...

Robert Jordan, ex- life model and sound designer for Tuesday.

Come listen to my seductive muzak.

When you spend too much time in the same room with someone else, you start to look like them.

Tuesday Set designer Eugyeene Teh with Director Brienna Macnish. Photo by Jak Vukasinovic

Stage management team Nat and Jak putting on a brave face before the show starts.

Nat and Jak


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