The Golden Dragon

I’ve been mercilessly busy these past couple of weeks, so attending the theatre has been difficult for me.

I was fortunate enough to catch The Golden Dragon, directed by the fresh and fabulous Daniel Clarke, tackling a surprisingly gracious story around a young worker at your generic Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese restaurant. I thought it had the spirit and sensibility of the more experimental independent theatre, which is a breath of fresh air at MTC.

Set in the restaurant kitchen, dressed to mimic a more upmarket (and smug) Chin Chin type ‘Asian’ restaurant, the cramped makeshift space alludes to the temporality and clambering elements of life while dissociating itself from naturalism as much as possible.  The tale of the Ant and the Grasshopper was particularly affecting and brilliantly played by Ash Flanders (Grasshopper) in green Pumps, and Rodney Afif as the Ant, and unfolds with an enchanting soundscape created by the very graceful Russell Goldsmith.

Dana Miltins in The Golden Dragon.

After the show, we trotted off to a nearby watering hole.

I took a photo of The Sisters Hayes, with Tessa Pitt, dressed exquisitely as usual, for a preview night, descending a staircase. These designers look like they mean business. The blue/green palette makes for a very authoritative image.

The Sisters Hayes and Tessa Pitt

I was speaking to Russell about sartorial knots and we decided that they’re fine as long as they’re not conventional.

Russell Goldsmith
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