Shotgun Wedding Guests

I love how each of these photos represents a portrait of someone at a wedding, who, though beautifully presented, understands that this is a pretend wedding, at best.

Zoey Dawson, from a distance, is captured while being groomed by Zoe Rouse (designer.)   I love the tenderness between two people in moments like this.

Zoey Dawson, groomed by Zoe Rouse

John Shearman, with Genevieve Giuffre, in a way that represents sincere happiness.

Genevieve Giuffre and John Shearman

Naomi Rukavina, playing the maid of honour.

Naomi Rukavina

Matt Furlani, whom I always thought was decidedly photogenic, in a very appropriate set of tails and a blood-red rose poised delicately upon his lapel.

Matt Furlani

Garry Abrahams, dressed handsomely, and dapperly, as ever.

Gary Abrahams

Luke George, who always rejuvenates our perception of style.

Luke George

Katie Sfetkidis, looking remarkably happy.

Katie Sfetkidis

I had a moment of awe with Carolyn with regards to her coat.  It’s lapels are retrospecively biker chic.

Carolyn Butler

Jake Preval, poised to capture some special moments.

Jake Preval

Richard Watts in a hirsute sandwich of Luke George and partner Kent Burgess.

The dudes, Luke George, Richard Watts and Kent Burgess

Zoey never ceases to entertain, here, as the incidentally glamorous, though wildly [cheap] glimmering cousin person.

Zoey Dawson

It is, ultimately, the deep blue that melancholy is made of.

Matthew Addey


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