Sex.Violence.Blood.Gore. Behind the Scenes

I always feel that when ladies put on makeup for each other, it’s a very tender and trusting moment.  There is, in fact, a scene in The Wings of the Dove that encapsulates cinematic genius, when Helena Bonham-Carter and Alison Elliott share this very moment of serenity before one discovers the fraught intentions of the other.

Catherine Davies and Amy-Scott Smith

This is one of my favorite shots of Tessa. She looks so dewy and graceful, and exudes a Grace Kelly-like innocence and glow. (Note: There is so much cheekbone here we could have sunk the Titanic.)

Tessa Leigh Wolffenbuttel Pitt and Caitlin Adams

Ladies in waiting.

Zoe Boesen, Genevieve Giuffre and Whitney Boyd

Caitlin having some fun with her costume.

Caitlin Adams

Matt, keeping warm in a very apt kimono, revisiting his lines. While the girls get dressed.

Matt Furlani
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