Finucane and Smith’s Glory Box

Finucane & Smith’s Glory Box. Photo courtesy of Finucane and Smith.

Kat and I treated our dear friend Amy to Finucane and Smith’s Glory Box on her special birthday. These macabre burlesque queens have been around for some time, and I remember being shocked and amazed by them years ago. Though I attend their shows almost every year, they do not cease to entertain and affect me. This time around, amidst a set of full Chinoiserie glory, I remember turning to Kat after one of Moira Finucane’s performances, where she was costumed with clusters of pins emerging from the most sensitive areas of the body, in heels, and said, with my hand pressed firmly against my chest, breathless, “I am so thoroughly afraid of and for her.”

We were also treated to a breadth of breathtaking performers including Maude Davey, Meow Meow, Harriet Ritchie, Holly Durant, Anna Lumb and Ursula Martinez and her infamous fragrant red hankie. Oh. What a night.

Amy Bagshaw, squealing with delight, with Lara Hedberg


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