Dark Matters by Katie Sfetkidis

Dark Matters is a rare kind of performance where there are no actors, and light and sound design take centre stage. Amidst an uncanny party suited to teenagers, participants are quietly whisked away, one at a time, to a dark underground space at the magnanimous Substation. As one descends into this state of isolation, the light and sound  presents an unexpected meditative state that is unique to the individual. I feel like I need to have one of these special rooms in my house.

Outside, the other participants, unaware, contribute to the sensory design of the installation, and become pawns in this dark and unnerving game conceived by Katie Sfetkidis.

Bibi (Bron Batten,) your gracious hostess who provides a free flow of champagne.
Dan Giovanni and Katie Sfetkidis

Rosie Collins
Hanh Duong
Jake Preval. And Hula Hoop.

Dan and Katie, making the most of this party.
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