Persona Opening Night

Marita Fox, graduate of the VCA Animateuring Postgraduate course, with Curtis Riddington. I started to interrogate her about her highly seasonably wearable coat as it seemed too delicious to simply be store-bought.  It turns out, it was a gift.  It’s also Vivienne Westwood.

Curtis Riddington and Marita Fox

My favourite messy-haired couple.  Susan Wald sat in a corner during the rehearsals of Fraught Outfit’s Elektra, creating sketches and making observations that will feature in her upcoming exhibition.

Incidentally, her partner, Pat, also an artist, always reminds me of the Simon Callow.

Susan Wald and partner Pat

Set and Costume designer Dayna Morrissey, with whom I attended the VCA, at some point, very very long ago, with performer and writer Xavier O’Shannessy, with some well deserved post-opening beverages.

Dayna Morrissey with Xavier O'Shannessy

Ben Pfeiffer, who appeared in Adena Jacobs’ Cleansed, with Justin Olstein.  These two boys just announced that they’re engaged. Aww.

Justin Olstein and Ben Pfeiffer

Karen Sibbing with her partner/fiance/husband (I attended their semi-wedding some time ago) Curtis Riddington, who recently opened the very charming Slowpoke cafe on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.

Karen Sibbing and Curtis Riddington

Meredith Penman, in a very Scandinavian silhouette after her performance as a famous Swedish actress. I enjoy capturing her moments and her glorious range of facial expressions.

Meredith Penman
Must be rather amused by...
...that Toilet sign.


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