MKA Winter Season Launch – SEXY

Artemis Ioannides and Hayley Barker, both second year VCA drama students, with Shelli Grant looking sexy in basics. Very American Apparel.

Artemis, Hayley and Shelli
Do they smile in American Apparel ads?
Young and sexy.

Genevieve Giuffre, who will be in Sex.Violence.Blood.Gore. and Zoey Dawson in that classic over-the-shoulder smolder.

Gen and Zoey

Rob Sowinsky.  Designer.  Handyman.


Brienna Macnish directs Zak Zavod in Tuesday. Why is it that there is always a sadistic relationship between the director and everyone else?

Brie and Zak

Tecate makes you sexy.  And watchable.

Soren Jensen and Jimmy Deethcake. Wings provided by Tecate.

The Sarah and Rod pair.  Double pout.

Sarah Walker with Roderick Cairns

Stage/production manager, Amy Bagshaw, surrendering herself gracefully.

Amy Bagshaw

Josh Price graciously bows out.

Josh Price

And, Bridget Mackey’s (writer of First Season Hose) stare is intoxicating. Sex. E x

Bridget Mackey and Brad Williams


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