MKA Winter Season Launch – COOL

Perhaps it was the light.  Perhaps it was the small confined space.  I’m not sure why, but lots of people gravitated towards this little white box, so contrary to your usual theatre space. Nevertheless, they lingered.

By the way, that red-orange dress is just so good.

Cara Whitehouse with Anthony Noack and Leah de Niese

This young lady cannot take a bad photo. There’s just something about her. What is she doing with that bullclip?


Sarah Walker, doing her thing. Incidentally, Sarah did the photo/trailer shoot for this season‘s plays.  And, pretty much for all the previous seasons.

Rod and Sarah

Chrissie Robinson, production manager for the New Holland Theatre Company, and Louris Van der Geer, who wrote Tuesday, sharing a scarf.  How demure. Dollhouse, anyone?

Chrissie and Louris

Tobi presenting the new season.

Tobi with Zak beyond

When theatrefolk come together (it’s not normally this cheesy): Designer Rob Sowinski, writer Bridget Mackey, actor Brad Williams and stage manager Amy Bagshaw.


Inevitably, there has to be deadpan photos. Of course.  It’s become the MKA look.  Sarah has tried to steer them away from this lacklustre gaze, but it keeps happening. Are we deep in thought? Are we afraid to bear our emotions as artistes? Or is this the purest way of being?

Brianagh Curran with Zak Zavod
Ranae and Tobi
Chrissie and Brie
Siblings Kerith and Tobias
Bridget Mackey


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