Jess Daly’s Garage Sale

Last weekend, costume mistress extraordinaire Jess Daly brought out her wares to sell at what was probably the most highly anticipated garage sale since MTC’s last props/costume sale: Almost 200 RSVPs on Facebook alone. I don’t know if Today Tonight got to cover it, but I was there, far too inconveniently early on a Saturday morning, before the floodgates were flung open.

Having worked with the likes of Peaches and Delta Goodrem, Jess is leaving us for the Big Apple next week.  It’s a good thing her dearest belongings will continue to grace the Melbourne scene, despite not being worn by the mistress herself.

Jess Daly tending to her Garage Sale

Surprisingly, everyone was relatively civilized and collected, and claws remained retracted.

Idle and Polite, very early on a Saturday morning.

Well, yes, they’re all ladies’ clothes.  What did you expect?

Grab now, match later.
Zoey Dawson: These ones are mine


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