MTC Foyer – Red Opening

I’m not sure what classification this kind of dress code falls under.  Is it semi-formal? Casual? Casual-semi-formal? Or maybe it’s what the kids are wearing nowadays.  Regardless, I think it’s quite fitting for an opening night. Despite the fashion police ‘stop’ sign.


Sometimes we forget that the people in black (sometimes referred to as ‘staff’) at MTC are slowly shaping theatre, through independent shows outside of the MTC. Here’s one.  It’s director Brienna Macnish.  You can listen to her talk about her lobster friend on the radio play, The Lobster Place, with Bridget Mackey, also an MTC ‘staff.’

Incidentally, I received a smashing greeting from her that night.  She saw me and dropped some glasses. (Hope you don’t get in trouble.)

Brienna Macnish

In the foyer, Andre still emobodies that characteristically abstract-expressionist-artist in a red/blue/white check shirt.

Checks and Paisley
Kip with Paul Blenheim and Stephen Armstrong

We were warned that some red paint might be flicked onto the audience. If so, Yunuen’s (faux) fur vest might have taken on a whole new meaning.

Yunuen Perez with friends
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