MICF Day 15 – Mixed Nuts

You’ve probably noticed a flurry of activity around the Swanston / Collins St intersection. Yes, each year, at this time, the Melbourne Town Hall is the home base of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and the crowd just keeps coming, and coming. And that has nothing to do with all those pretty colored lamps.

Here is a bag of mixed nuts you can find outside;

I’ve seen Carl-Einar Hackner a couple of times and if you’re gasping at the impossibility of this levitative illusion, you will be cackling in awe in this Swedish excuse for comedy, Handluggage.

Carl-Einar Hackner outside the Melbourne Town Hall

I went to see Michael Hing the other night.  Who doesn’t like Asian jokes? C’mon! Better yet, who doesn’t jokes about ‘rich white people concerning their role in the downfall of civilazation?’

Michael Hing on a break

I took a photo of this pretty young lass who was behind me in a queue.  So this is what the kids are wearing now (when they go to a comedy show with their parents.)

Young Audient.

And of course, you see plenty of these running around.  They’re the life force that holds shows and festivals together.  Here is the omnipresent Geordie Barker with his Madonna mic.

Geordie Barker


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