La Mama Courtyard, at the very long titled ‘The Cautionary Tale of Barry Von Peabody and the Scarlet St Theatre.’

Jack Dan was operating the lights for his mate’s show.  I was quite taken by that fringed jacket of his and its magnificently framed silhouette, heightened by the sartorial device of the cinching belt over the jacket – sadly phased out in contemporary menswear. Also, those spectacles are old-school marvelous, complete with behind-the-ear hooks.  They used to belong to someone else’s grandmother.

Jack Dan

Incidentally, this man is an entertainer. He will be performing as a French mime at someone’s wedding tomorrow.  If you’re not attending, check out his stint at Australia’s Got Talent, where he gets caught in a situation with his ukulele.

(There’s too much nudity on Promptside, isn’t there?)

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