Behind the Scenes- MKA 2012 Winter Season Photoshoot

Just a stone’s throw from their clandestine and quite formidable new pop-up space, MKA held a photo shoot for its 2012 Winter season, led by the illustrious Sarah Walker. It was a full day of madness and things thrown; As much fun as red, white and blue confetti squares strewn and flitting about in the wind.

Here’s Tobi in a Corn Flakes mask holding up the backdrop for patriot Mister James Deeth.

Corn Flakes and James Deeth

Genevieve Giuffre, makeup flaking off, conjuring up some post-shoot fun times with that red see-through nightgown.

Genevieve Giuffre

Brienna Macnish offers some directorial aid in the most adorable director garb I’ve ever seen.

Brienna Macnish

Cooking God Pete Evans watches over MKA Artistic Director Tobi, Executive Producer Glyn Roberts and Resident Director Tanya Dickson.

Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Glyn Roberts, Tanya Dickson and Pete Evans

Elizabeth Nabben and Tanya Dickson share a tender Actor-Director moment.  Tanya preps Liz’s lips before she applies a set of illuminated fangs for the shoot.

Elizabeth Nabben and Tanya Dickson

Sarah Walker studies her subject, then carefully observes her frame as she shoots Elizabeth Nabben. (By the way, those MKA t-shirts have become quite a thing.)

Elizabeth Nabben and Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker shooting Elizabeth Nebben



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