VCA 40th Anniversary Street Party

It isn’t uncommon to find a VCA student bitching about the school.  You get that a lot.  It is, after all, an educational institution.

Nonetheless, when it throws a street party, I happily trot back to our beloved College to celebrate. It has served us well; I’m always glad to be working with the carefully cultivated talents that seep out of it.

The Victorian College of the Arts turns 40 this year. Well, the school itself, of course, has a history that is much more drawn out.   Née National Gallery of Victoria Art School in 1867, attended by the likes of Rupert Bunney and Arthur Boyd, the school has come into itself after having been kicked around like a football for a while by the powers that be.

So now we celebrate with a party, put together by some VCA production folk;

When one is feeling particularly dotty, it’s a good idea to wear it on one’s sleeve.


This reminds me of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. Especially the part where Michelle agrees to dance but “only if Romy can dance with us.” For some reason that day, Coupling was the theme.

Dotty and Friend

This is so saccharine.  And beautiful.


Remarkably, these girls did not coordinate their plaids beforehand.

Plaid vs Plaid

This couple redefines Sportswear with sporty shoes.

Sporty couple

These two look like they’re about to make some trouble.  Or art.

The Troublemakers

Two of the production boys who put this thing together.

Tim Ross and Jacob Battista

The VCA drama building (Peter Corrigan architect) looking particularly festive against the backdrop of the new Necker-cube inspired MTC building (ARM architect,) and the cityscape beyond. Incidentally, Ian McDougall of ARM used to study under Peter Corrigan.  And so the madness continues.

VCA, now identified by its own liquorice allsorts building

This young lady exudes a certain artist chic sensibility. Those baby blue floral Doc Marts, accented so aptly with that one blue thumbnail, brings out her eyes.

Girly Doc Marts

In the end, it’s all just a menagerie.

Animal print on my denim
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