Hair Party!

Its facebook page announced:

Summer’s ending: All we have is hair* and party. HAIR PARTY!

*byo wigs, merkins, etc

Essentially, a party where its attendees, an overwhelming crowd of young die-hard party people, sport interesting hairdos. Hosted by Zoey (Dawson) and her flatmates Mark and Adam.

Back, and Side

A flurry of hair inside.

DJ Monobrow

In the spirit of Gummo. (Bunny boy.)


There’s something quite lovely about this scene where the boy with a yellow feather on his head talks to the girl with the bright orange wig. Both perched on the fence.

Parrot Talk

Because of the overwhelming attendance at this party, and the equally overwhelming queue for the bathroom, I wandered out to the park, where I chanced upon two people locking lips, lost in a (very long) moment.

A romantic interlude

So this girl took my Terry Richardson-type glasses from me and told me to photograph her.  Terry always made his subjects put his glasses on at some point. So there you go.

The Terry Richardson look

What I’m trying to convey here, is that there was a lot of people.

Spilling out of the house
Hair spills onto the street
Black and White section of the ball.


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