Foyer- Two by Two

I love working with Mem. Here, she poses for me at the opening night of Two by Two.  I remember costuming her in very symbolic red shoes quite some time ago.  I like her wearing red. She is someone who most certainly must wear more red.

Meredith Penman

Tessa Pitt is outrageous.  Here I find her with a mischievous blue hat, which reminds me, slightly, of the Elsa Schiaparelli shoe hat worn by Katherine Helmond in Brazil.

Tessa Pitt

The K-Sfed, who is surprisingly showing restraint with her outfit tonight.  You might think that the accessories are outlandish, though ordinarily, there will be more.

Katie Sfetkidis

Gary was playing with his well deserved cigarette and glass of champagne a moment before I took this picture. I like this stance from him.

Gary Abrahams

A formidable silhouette to match an equally formidable voice. If you get an opportunity to watch him perform, do.

Anthony Mackey

And, as if summoned by the night’s agenda, here are Luisa and Adena, well coordinated, two by two.

Luisa Hastings Edge and Adena Jacobs
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