Dressing Room- MKA Double Bill Hose and Tinkertown

The cozy dressing room area at Theatre Works has been abuzz with all sorts of fun and grooming with a double bill of Hose and Tinkertown, along with a Channel 7 crew fussing over Mrs Brynne Edelsten, who made a cameo appearance in Tinkertown the other night.

Here, John listens intently to Alister’s notes as he waits for his lemon colored nail polish to dry. Beyond, Nick meditates on applying eye shadow.

John Shearman and Nick Colla

Lily ensures perfection is achieved with her makeup for her role as salon mistress, Jody, in Hose.

Lily Constantine
Veronica Thomas with Lily Constantine

Sometimes, in independent theatre, you just have to share your space at the vanity mirror with others.  Veronica has to share hers with Brynne Edelsten.

Veronica Thomas

Cameron labels his dinner while waiting for the Hose cast to move along.

Cameron Moore
Hose Cast, bar one.



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