To Market, To Market

Most people at this Malaysian market are hard at work to make the money or anxious about purchasing the day’s freshest catch for the best possible price. Or buying a fat pig. I, however, am quite content watching as I enjoy my $2 breakfast consisting of a curry of some sort, half boiled eggs and overly sweetened iced coffee.

I love how this lady has twisted a towel to use as a head scarf.  Appropriate for painting, baking apple pies, cotton pickin’ and frying noodles. Practical and chic.

Hawker chic

 Do you ever feel that people who make the food look like the food?

Nasi Lemak lady
YTF (Yong Tau Foo) man

 Orange is hard to pull off at the best of times.  Here the sweepers are sporting orange on orange, against an orange backdrop. It’s a good thing colour blocking has gained some popularity of late.


 I don’t know what’s happened here. It’s never a comfortable situation when someone else wears the same dress. ‘I was going to pick the red dress, really. Should have gone with my instincts.’

And lady, those blue slippers…. You LOSE!

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