Midsumma – The Pineapple Sorrows Review

I couldn’t decide if the genre for this performance is cabaret, burlesque, drag show, music theatre or just theatre. Billed as ‘an absurd new tragi-comic work,’ The Pineapple Sorrows incorporates all of these, and delivers them well. There’s something to be said about new work that has been specially crafted, and Crossditch has devised a delectably rank feast out of the simple premise of a great title and a handful of tidbits.

Sherilee Kahui (Saveloy) in The Pineapple Sorrows, with Jake Preval (Asparagus Rollup) and Penny Harpham (Deviled Egg.) Photo Jamie Kahui

Well, hors d’oeuvres, to be exact. Three leftover hors d’oeuvres on a platter, stalked by pregnant flies, mourn over the death of ‘Pineapple,’ taking the audience through the stages of grief while they scrutinize their domestic relationships to the piece of fruit as mother, lover and best friend through a ritual of deliciously offbeat song and dance.

While the ambience is suitably grim, the themes dark and serious, The Pineapple Sorrows is an out-and-out comedy.  The dialogue is wickedly cynical, akin to a drag queen’s dry and bitchy remarks presented best when one’s face is framed by oversized headwear that represent well-recognized finger food standards. Though nigh impossible to be taken seriously when dressed as a deviled egg, an asparagus rollup and a saveloy, the characters evoke surprisingly meaningful and relatable emotions and come together as a very well balanced ensemble.  The fun and fabulously detailed costumes by Chloe Greaves really hit the spot and would have Carmen Miranda seriously rethinking the food group of her headwear.

I’m still unsure how I could have felt such grief for a pineapple.  But this is theatre and anything goes.

The Pineapple Sorrows is a cleverly devised and entertaining piece that truly celebrates the spirit of Midsumma. At $25/$15 a pop, it is a steal. Go.



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