Rainbow Serpent

Allegedly, in order to entertain friends, all one needs to do is to sit them down and tell them that I’ve been to the Rainbow Serpent Festival. Hearty laughter all ’round is guaranteed.

So I’m not the most obvious candidate to attend RSF. Comfort, grooming and a nod to current fashion may have been somewhat at the helm of my being, and my music of choice, albeit non-pop, does not ordinarily depend on very, very large speakers.

Nonetheless, the Rainbow Serpent is about connecting all sorts of people. And I figured that with more than a hundred artists and 15,000 people happily returning, something must be going right. (Apparently, without the help of drugs, according to this article.)

Oasis in the desert

With the help of my full gold-upon-gold sequin sparkle leg flares,  I trudged through the sun-parched golden bush and engaged happily with the festival, savoring the heat, caked dirt upon my skin and friendly RSF enthusiasts.

And lo and behold, deliciously, dramatically presented outfits beckoned my camera lens to savour.

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