Gentlemen at Carnival : Skin

I’m not sure if it’s legal for me to post some of these, but I don’t wish to discriminate.  Skin is one of the preferred forms of expression amongst the gays.  I left Carnival to attend a publicity shoot where skin is still selling tickets at the box office. Whether or not it is ethical to disclose such marketing devices amidst these sensitive times, I’m not sure, but surely within the theatrical landscape, nudity had always been akin to art, right?

This gentleman displays very well coordinated accessories.

Yellow there!

Did somebody say mandatory angel wings?

This guy may have lost his clothes in a card game, but at least they let him keep his hat on.

The affableness of a gentleman can be ascertained by his hat


Oh Lei!


PS. I haven’t posted any photos of the ‘straight’ gays.  They bore me to tears.  You can probably spot quite a few of them mulling around in the background with their plain t-shirt or tank top with a pair of nondescript cutoff jeans. I think our people can do much better than to conform to the unimaginative.

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