Foyer – The Pineapple Sorrows

Like all fashion-conscious wakes, grieving friends and family are encouraged to dress appropriately.  If you’re unprepared, fret not. These pillbox-hat-with-veil numbers will be provided.

Emily Sexton, the new (and first female) artistic director for Next Wave,  demure and respectful at this Midsumma show.

Emily Sexton

Beau McCafferty, Independent Program Producer at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, colour blocking with punchy colours at this wake.  Appropriate only at the wake of a pineapple.

Beau McCafferty
An abstraction of loss

These ladies genuinely exhibit grief while clothed in stylish 80’s garb.

Amaryah Paul and Sonja Hornung

Irresistible aside: Amaryah’s ensemble reminds me of Jemone of my favourite TV series as a child.  Jem is the front-woman for her rock band who wears a pair of magic red star shaped earrings that possess special powers. She is an ambassader for ‘truly outrageous’ music, fashion and good deeds and an inspiration for children growing up in the 80’s. Her catchphrase ‘Showtime, Synergy’ was probably something that taunted me into showbiz.

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