Fitzside- It’s Raining Shoes. Hallelujah.

I may have an obsession with shoefiti. Could it be because this mysterious social phenomenon makes me wonder so? Or simply because I love shoes?

A blunder of shoes off Smith Street

Some believe this practice derives from sinister activity in the neighborhood.  Think crack houses, gang territory, drug hub. And murder, possibly, if you’re that way inclined. Roman mythology suggests that someone who has died has risen to walk amongst the clouds in the realm of the Shoe God Baliniziar.  Holy Shoestrings, Imelda! Did someone say Shoe God?

Tough neighborhood

On a brighter note, shoe tossing can be a rite of passage. Kids do it when school finishes. Maybe someone has gotten lucky for the first time.  I prefer that explanation.  There’s something joyous about finding out that a cherry has just been popped.

Shoefiti in front of artist studio

Regardless of whichever enigmatic activity having occurred, it’s nice to know that you live in a neighborhood where things are happening in the night.

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