World AIDS Day- Wear a Red Ribbon!

Justine Ellis and Jenny Butler ribboned up

I was trawling through my neighborhood today looking for red ribbons to post. Sadly, I didn’t find very many at all.  How rude.  It’s almost as if the Queensland civil union bill has overshadowed the significance of this day. Here are two good examples, against irregular yellow polka dots.  I should mention that these two aren’t dressed the same because of an awkward coincidence. They are tending The Design Files Open House which only runs from 1st-4th December.  Worth checking out because it’s quite a new concept.  Essentially you walk through someone’s house (nice house to visit, in any case,) where pretty things lay seductively waiting to be purchased. It’s very Design-Melbourne. A little bit Ikea.  And borders on sterile.  Also reminds me a little bit of the Lyons Housemuseum that’s served up with a dose of ego and pretention. Go anyway.

Jenny works with The Design Files and Justine works with hip and hot Perimeter Books in Thornbury.  There will be a launch of Libraryland by Melbourne illustrator Oslo Davis there this Saturday. Check it out.

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