Theatre Foyer – Blue for Mary MacLane

I wanted to include these strong women coloured with blue in a triptych as they each display different stances of confidence. When one costumes women in blue there is a knowing quality that is exuded. Think Helena Bonham Carter’s character Kate Croy in the 1997 film The Wings of the Dove. It’s just as powerful as the beckoning blonde in the red dress.

Mohini Hillyer, vintage cheer.

Apparently thrown together very quickly.  Looks like there are festivities happening in her hair.

Yunuen Perez: Long sweater, long gaze.


Nicola Gunn, Windbreaker.

I wanted to capture the white linen shirt she was wearing underneath, but she insisted on concealing it.  And then wearing a hood. I only realized when I looked at the photograph properly that her beauty comes through stronger peering from under the hood. Nicola is a theatre maker who has been exploring and making shows with her company Sans Hotel. Watch out for her next show Hello My Name Is. Nicola advised me that people look more interesting in photos when they’re awkward. I shall be exploring a bit of that.

Off on a tangent, here’s more blue.

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