Seventh Gallery’s $uper Sellout Artist Barter Evening

Last year I got quite excited about buying $40 original artwork from Seventh Gallery’s (now annual) $uper Sellout Sale, where you buy a round ‘sold’ sticker and stick it next to the artwork of your choice.  This year was no different.  All works are donated, and three donated works can be exchanged for one other. I enjoy the thought of spending my money here instead of on obligatory consumer-generated presents for that end of year festival.

Of course, each piece only goes home with one person, and herein lies the catch. And the thrill. When the trumpet blows, each person with a sticker, poised in front of the artwork they think most justifies the $40 spent, will simply place the sticker, as quickly as possible, on or next to it, before your friend or some other artist does.

There is also a very exciting silent auction for works of more prominent artists like Susan Jacobs and Tai Snaith. I hovered over the cast of a roll of tape by Bianca Hester  like a hyena over livestock but soon gave up to go outside for grilled corn.

Heather Lighton from Three Thousand took some photos of others here.

One of my 'investments'
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