After the shows – Malty Xmas Party

Zahra Newman embraces the frolicsome spirit of summer here in a bold print dress (these are going to be making spectacular appearances in the following months.) I worked with her properly last year and found her to be a most compelling and intelligent actor. Equally captivating off stage, in independent theatre and on the main stage, she can carry off a 50’s silhouette (complete with apron,) the power suit of a secretary of state, and the hard-to-pull-off soiled-undies-cocooned-in-plastic-curtain look.

Zahra's stunning smile captures the heart of her... ahem... audience.


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One Response to After the shows – Malty Xmas Party

  1. Colleen Heanue says:

    Amazing actress, incredible talent and a delight to watch on stage!

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