After the Show – Theatrefolk Party

From the Theatre of New Writing (MKA) to Four Larks down-to-earth-and-head-swimming-elsewhere-design-and-music-loving-junkyard-opera Theatre.

What do you do with all your coveted Green Room Awards? You put them in the kitchen cabinet behind the dishes, that’s what!

How to store your Green Room Awards

I went to a party at the Four Larks’ warehouse abode, at the secret location in Brunswick, and was not surprised to see non-conventional living spaces, expanses of walls punctuated with mouse-hole-type openings, plonk, candlelight, warmth, and music-making merriment which included a cello, (did I imagine a guitar or mandolin? Perhaps.) and a little piano, seen below operated by Tom Willis.

A flurry of merriment
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